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Sunday, September 18, 2005

catty tales

When our PM Dr. Man Mohan Singh, in one of his talks with George Bush, points fingers at Vajpayee back home, it doesn’t go down well with the masses.

He should have known better because, emboldened by his utterances, Sourav Ganguli spills the beans on what transpires in the dressing rooms. These raise more ruffled feathers. The effect on people at large is one of astonishment. Wise men have said ‘never wash your dirty linen in public’. Difference of opinions should be resolved in-house, not brought out in the open. Dragging them into controversies does more harm than good.

And, to cap it all, Rahul Gandhi, the young first time MP, opens his mouth at an inopportune moment, speaks out of context and is in immediate need of fire fighters to pour water on troubled waters.

Dispute with neighbors is a situation that practically all of us have faced at some time or the other – one has to be real fortunate to boast of understanding neighbors. Naturally, disputes surface. Such disputes need to be sorted out between the two parties without the involvement of a third party. We speak in that tone but, fail in the implementation part. At that time, we invariably choose to meet on a neutral territory and look up to a third person to mediate without letting on that he is mediating. Correct me if I am wrong but, issuing a joint statement on a foreign soil after the individuals have met the host separately reeks of involvement of a third party to the power of infinity!!!!

Cats have kept us enthralled for years. One thing that has to be remembered when handling cats is that they must never be let out of the bag. Cats need to be handled with care. As kids we were mesmerized by the cat and mouse games of Tom and Jerry. (I still do not miss them on the Cartoon network!) When we grew older, the cat that is supposed to have nine lives turned big and fearsome – it became all capitals. CAT: an acronym for Common Admission Test. Unlike the ordinary cat, this CAT did not boast of nine lives. Its companion the mouse jumped on to our desk tops and transformed itself into one of the most desirable and indispensable object in our lives. One click on this mouse and you entered the wonder world of the computers and internet. Of course, if you encounter a live one, you still shriek and run for cover but, as long as it is of the inanimate variety, you love it dearly.


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