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Thursday, August 25, 2005

ufo demystified

If you ask me, I will tell you that UFO is an acronym for User Friendly Options! The customer is always right - that is what Business schools teach the white collared bosses of the twenty-first century. Today, everyone follows the line of least resistance. Whatever be your product, you must ensure that it is user friendly. The term ‘user friendly’ is not restricted to computers alone; it is extended to cover all walks of life. Take a simple example of the tooth brush – the MNC who markets the FMCG introduces special grips on the handle of its tooth brush so that the contraption does not slip out of the fingers of a person whose body is still in the sleepy mood! Then the MNC assigns a budget of several crores of rupees to an ad agency to ensure that the message, of a revolutionary new model of the toothbrush, hits the market. The ad agency ropes in a group of dance artistes to gyrate their hips to the tune of catchy jingles and slip-proof tooth brushes.

It was H G Wells who first dreamt up a vision called the UFO – they are vehicles which convey aliens from distant planets to Earth. These aliens come in any number of shapes, colors, and sizes – they arrive in the dark and leave before the day dawns. A very popular TV serial called ‘The X Files’ airs hour-long episodes that narrate tales of aliens who violate our air space and create problems for those they interact with. This TV show is rated high in terms of popularity.

We have been treated to life-like film versions like ET where the director takes us on an imaginary encounter with an alien. Sightings of UFOs are reported regularly from different parts of the world and there are International bodies who study innumerable signals that reportedly emanate from god-knows-where. In passing, may I inform my readers that, whenever I switch on the radio, I am bombarded with hundred and one different frequencies and intensity of sounds – can any of these be linked to transmissions from outer space millions of miles away?

I am not a scientist. When I look at the night sky and see the hundreds of thousands of stars that twinkle in the darkness; I wait for an UFO to streak across the horizon and land somewhere on the surface of our Earth. Unfortunately the only moving lights that I see in the sky at night come from the cabin lights and tail lamps of aero planes that are going towards their destinations. By the way, can anyone clarify why UFOs invariably select deserts and oceans for landing, why don’t they ever land in the centre of metropolitan cities?


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