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Monday, August 22, 2005

two wrongs make a right

Yes that is today’s mantra. It applies to all those who cherish a hidden desire to become a politician. We know what a politician is – he is the terrible outcome of an election system that will take another hundred years to achieve total transparency. The politician considers himself to be the proud occupant of the seat next to God. The politician is endowed with the gift of the gab; he can paint rosy pictures of abundance when skeletons are shown counting their last days, and he is one who would like the country to follow a certain principled lifestyle when he himself never flaunts it openly. He never bothers about maintaining any standard whatsoever. He extracts much more than he parts with. His latest sermon is – ‘remember, two wrongs always make a right’. When confronted with solid evidence a couple of days back by one of the TV news channels, he coolly points that ‘what we are doing is nothing new; the previous government did it, those who were there even before them did it. So?’

Corruption has pervaded all levels of Society. With more than half a century of Independence behind us, we are happy with color TVs in our houses and mobile phones in our pockets (as an ad so aptly states – ‘if you get a mobile for only two hundred rupees per month, it is unnatural not to have one even in the hands of the waiter who serves the tea as you wait for the barber to trim your hair). Here also, the lingo has changed – they are hair dressers, not barbers! Money is what sets apart the men from the boys and, if you want to survive in this cruel world, you must master the art of ensnaring the money into your bank account. After all, with so many plastic cards in your pocket, you have to ultimately take from Ram to pay off Shyam. Therefore, in your own interests, master the art as fast as you can, resort to the latest fad - scams. Look around you and you will certainly discover tutorial schools that coach in this specialized discipline. In the olden days, when the cost of living was cheaper, that extra money for the occasional fag or the matinee cinema show came from coins kept aside from funds earmarked for the daily market. That was how scam took its first step. Scams are a new form of disease that has no remedy. You cannot eradicate it, therefore, learn to tolerate it.

We conveniently turn a blind eye to the ill fed specimens of humans that pop up once in a while on our TV screens – pity no channel issues the warning –‘the visuals you are about to see may be disturbing. Viewer discretion is necessary’.


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