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Friday, July 08, 2005

terrorism in india

Terrorists are reincarnations of Frankenstein.

Close on the heels of the terrorist strike at Ayodhya on 5/7/2005 comes the news that the London underground has been closed down due to explosion of bombs. Initial estimates indicate around 40 dead and over 200 injured. Only 24 hours back, London was in the news for totally different reasons – it was elated at having secured the honor to host the 2012 Olympics!

Terrorism is an unthinkable affair – in the Indian context, it probably dates back to the days of the Kashmir Princess.

The Kashmir Princess was a Super Constellation aircraft of Air India and was chartered to fly from Hong Kong to Jakarta on 11/4/1955 to carry delegates to attend the Bandung Conference. The flight was supposed to have carried the Chinese Premier Chou-en-Lai and it was fortunate that he was not on board. The aircraft crashed shortly before landing in Jakarta. Three of the journalists killed were from the Xinhua news agency, the eldest was 40 years old, the youngest only 26. The Chinese government remembered them on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the incident.

Nearly 30 years later, on 23/6/1985, Air India’s Boeing-747 Kanishka, blew up in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Ireland killing all 329 people on board. Recently, a prayer for the dead was held on the occasion of its 20th anniversary.

The next was the hijack of the Indian Airlines Airbus-300 flight IC-814 on 24/12/1999 from Nepal to Kandahar. The hijackers demanded release of certain specific prisoners. One of the passengers was killed by the militants, he and his wife were returning from their honeymoon. The drama ended after eight days when the then Home minister flew to Kandahar with the prisoners who were to be released.

This was followed by the terrorist attack on the Srinagar State Assembly in which more than 30 people lost their lives. On 2/10/2001 a suicide attacker drove a hijacked government jeep, which was loaded with explosives, up to the main entrance and detonated it, while at least two other militants wearing police uniforms entered the complex and seized control of a building.

Then terrorists attacked the Indian Parliament on 13/12/2001- in which 12 people are killed. This was followed by the Akshardham temple episode in Gandhinagar on 24/9/2002. Two terrorists holed up in the complex for over 14 hours and Black Cat Commandos of the National Security Guards had to be flown in to annihilate them. There were more than 30 casualties on the final count.

All these heinous crimes are results of people who have got their priorities terribly mixed up. Certain groups are interested to keep a fire of hate smoldering at all times, it suits their purpose, it helps them to remain in the limelight and ensure that discordant notes continue to be heard. They are hypocrites to the core, when they say ‘we should not take advantage of situations’, they are among the first to instigate their followers, they believe in creating monsters without realizing that, one day, these very monsters will bring about their own downfall.


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