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Sunday, July 03, 2005

Rediscovering India

Rediscovering India, the blog of Prabir Ghose that has been appearing in the blog section of for the past nearly one year has been awarded the prize of the Blog with the maximum number of posts. He is a resident of Nashik. He retired from HAL as a Senior Manager in November 2004.

The blog is available on

The latest statistics of the blog as on date are as follows (these figures keep changing every day):

Total posts 183
Total views 30,000+
Total comments 750+

The posts most viewed are given below -

Education in India

The Seven Wonders

Kolkata Book Fair (there are more than one post in the series, link is for the first one)

Durga Puja (there are more than one post in the series link given is for the first one)

Prabir Ghose blogs on also under the name peekayjee - some of these have appeareed here but the responses that they have generated are different and make for interesting reading.


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