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Monday, July 18, 2005

evil faces of eve

Those of the fairer species are normally associated with gentleness, love, affection, they possess a predominantly motherly attitude, are soft spoken, submissive. Therefore, when they come into news for activities that are more in the lines of the brutes, commonly known as men, and associated with violence, eyebrows are raised. It all probably started with the first bite into the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden. Later, there appeared on the scene Lady Macbeth and others like her who loved to reduce the population around her. The terrorist who presented a garland to our ex PM Rajiv Gandhi and blew him up, along with herself and innocent bystanders, is still fresh in our minds. Therefore, it comes as no great surprise to note that, within the last one month, several crimes, reportedly committed by women, have attracted attention.

Woman jailed for seducing minor – the woman is in her forties, the kid still in his teens.

Kidnapping of the son of a rich businessman by a woman, reportedly known to the boy as Amishi aunty!

Five woman jewel thieves arrested in Hyderabad –

Step mother drives 12 year old to suicide –

A Kanpur version of Bunty and Babli –

Indian woman sentenced to death for child trafficking -

Woman involved in the twin cinema blasts in Delhi -

In addition, there are crimes reported in local newspapers that do not get mentioned in the National press. A few samples from the Bengali press:

30/6/2005 – a class IV employee who resides in the premises of the Calcutta Medical College is involved in a racket of smuggling girls out into neighboring states, she did not even spare her own teenage daughters!

1/7/2005 – one of the prime suspects in the famous Mithun murder case is none other than the wife of Gunjan, the kidnapper of Roma Jhawar of Salt Lake.

10/7/2005 – a woman hires a professional killer to murder her promoter husband. She is 55 years old and has fallen for a fellow promoter since her own husband has become financially unstable.

These are certainly exceptions and we still have doting mothers, loving wives, and caring sisters, but influence of external media cannot be ignored, we succumb to temptations that spell ruin – to both ourselves and to those around us who we do not want to lose. But the evil faces of Eve do paint a gory picture of the modern world.


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