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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

the bubble will burst

The Church has decided that enough is enough; norms need to be defined for those who enter the house of God to offer prayers and receive His blessings in return.

It goes without saying that any institution of worship like the Church, the Temple, the Gurdwara or the Mosque are places where one enters to become one with the Almighty. He may reveal himself in different avatars to his followers, but the fact remains that His presence has to be acknowledged. It is, therefore, not unnatural for the guardians of Society to define certain basic guidelines – these were considered superfluous even twenty years back because our society was still conservative, our youngsters respected their elders, if a boy smoked among his friends, he would hide the cigarette when an elder happened to come on the scene. The elders could make out the little drama but the lines of decency were never breached. Today’s youngsters, on the other hand, flaunt their new found independence by blowing the smoke in their faces; probably they want to prove a point. What that point is remains a mystery.

Coming on the heels of dress codes that are sought to be defined by the educational Institutions, these assume still more significance. The elders of today are failing miserably to keep their wards in check, the way they pamper their wards and surrender to their tiniest of whims spells doom for the future generations. All of us love our freedom but we should learn to preserve it as well. It is certainly a difficult task when we see the topsy turvy world around us, we cannot flee from the lure of cheap fantasies in the form of silly movies that seldom earn more than three stars, we love to swing to the music of the sixties cast in the mould of the twenty first century, we love to dream of holidays in far off lands on EMIs. The resultant world of make believe is nothing but a large bubble waiting to explode.

In order to meet the requirements, we do not hesitate to bend the rules, or to hoodwink the law. We get ourselves involved in scams and, as we walk to the prison van, we put up a brave front; we show to the world our smiling faces – for all practical purposes, these smiles are artificial. No one ever gets to know the final outcome!


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