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Sunday, June 26, 2005

the withering flowers

Flowers are epitomes of beauty. Right from time immemorial they have adorned bridal suites, drawing rooms, front offices; they symbolize the bright side of life, the beauty of living, the fragrance of sweetness, of innocence. Shakespeare made the rose immortal by his famous words – a rose is a rose by whatever name you may choose to call it, the lotus is our national symbol, we offer flowers to our Gods and Goddesses during pujas and seek their blessings because flowers, in all their freshness, signify a purity of the highest order. Flower arrangement is a course that teaches you how to transform ordinary looking gifts of nature into some remarkable works of art by adding imaginative touches.

It is, therefore, not unnatural that flowers find their due place in the fantasy world of cinemas.
There used to be a time when ‘phool’ (the Hindi translation of flower) featured in the titles of box office hits where memorable performances captured hearts of the viewers. At least ten names come to mind readily – these are as follows:

1959 Dhool ka phool (blossom of dust) – Mala Sinha
1959 Kagaz ke phool (paper flower) – Guru Dutt, Waheeda Rehman
1963 Phool bane angarey (flower becomes fire) – Raj Kumar, Mala Sinha
1965 Jab jab phool khiley (whenever the flower blossoms) - Shashi Kapoor,
1969 Ek phool do mali (one flower two gardeners) – Sanjay Khan, Sadhana
1969 Aansoo ban gaye phool (tears transform into flowers) – Deb Mukherji,
Ahok Kumar
1966 Phool aur pathar (flowers and stones) – Meena Kumari,
Dharmendra, Sashikala
1991 Phool aur kante (flowers and thorns) – Ajay Devgan, Madhoo
1991 Pathar ke phool (flower of stones) – Solomon Khan, Raveena
1991 Phool baney angarey (flower becomes fire) – Rajnikant, Rekha

Once we used to say it all with flowers – they had a power of their own. It is strange that the same flower has ceased to motivate modern day film makers; probably phool is out of place in a world reeling with violence and scams.

When one can see animate examples of nature’s creations, why should they bother about inanimate creations like flowers?


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