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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

kerry curry cricket

The wonderful game of cricket has certainly come a long way – five days of dull cricket reduced to one day of glamour, excitement, arguments, anger, ecstasy all rolled into one large size dosa and served on a platter with mouth watering chutney and delicious sambar. One of the seats, for expert opinions, is reserved for one of the fair sex – an example of women’s reservation in a simplified form. That is Kerry curry for you! Not to be confused with the Japanese hara-kiri.

Cricket has transformed itself as dramatically as no other game has done. Yes, there have been superficial changes in other games like the introduction of beach volleyball as an offshoot of regular volleyball but nothing drastic like axing five days into one day. No one has thought of playing football with only four players or hockey with six; or of having two goal keepers – one for the right portion of the goal and the other for the left; or of partitioning the goal post box into two – left and right. If they introduced such modifications, more goalkeepers could be accommodated! Just a thought.

Rules have been modified in cricket and innovations introduced regularly to give the viewers more and more – the latest ideas also seem to be in that vein. The substitute can now feel proud to be able to wear the cap and actually participate in the game, not just carry water bottles and messages from the drawing room to the 22 yards strip. Of course, when regional politics come into play, the number of substitutes may increase. Probably, it will feature in next year’s agenda.

Kerry Packer gets credit for giving a new dimension to the game and, our cricketing bosses should consider ways and means of how to keep his memory alive. His date of birth is 17th December 1937 and, it could be considered to be commemorated in some way or another. We have enough expertise and ingenuity to find out probable methods! The first one day match was reportedly played on 2/12/1977 – that could become another red letter day. It would be interesting to find out whether our cricketers have photographs of KP on their shelf because he is the one they should remain grateful to for showing them how to mint millions. Be in the game for five years and setup hotels in posh localities to ensure a cushy life for yourself and another of your fourteen generations.

It is not easy to erase modern day cricketers from memory – they may not hold cricket bats once they bow out but no one prevents them from wielding golf clubs.


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