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Monday, June 27, 2005

fans to wave the fans of fantasy

Celebrities minus a fan following is a vision that is difficult to imagine, that no one can accept.

Whether the celeb is of the sports arena or the musical or literary fraternity or linked to the screens (either the large silver one or its mini edition, the tiny domestic one), a fan following is a must. The fans determine how long the celeb will survive, how long he will reap the benefits of being in the limelight before the focus shifts elsewhere. This is a well known fact of life.

This culture of fan following is a recent innovation – with a spurt in the number of celebs who want to get noticed, their PR group embarks on such exercises, they strive to gain the attention of those who will write the destiny of these celebs. The usual procedure is to first create a hype about the product, then release it in bits and pieces over a period of time, arrange for interviews on TV along with discreet parties here and there to sell the product. Constant rumor mongering is another important component. It is believed that with proper and hard selling PR, you can sell a dumb person as a vocalist full of promise.

Whether it is a novel or a music cassette or a music video, the basic idea is to get them hooked – celebs of yore were accustomed to receiving fan mails in post, their secretaries used to filter through the mail and select only a few that deserved to be put up to the celeb. Today, electronic media dictates the terms, mailboxes are flooded, and chat rooms throw open invitations to join the party – slots are fixed and announced. These become more prominent when the celebs appear to be losing out on their popularity ratings. Therefore you have aging film stars who invites you to SMS him and wait for his personal reply! These are all worlds of fantasy and you must have fans to fan the waves of popularity, if there are crests, they will be followed by troughs. You cannot rule the roost for ever; you have to make way for others at some point of time.

As they say, you must always be seen to be remembered, out of sight is out of mind. A favorite saying that is valid even today.


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