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Friday, May 20, 2005

mechanisms of self defence

Our cities have been converted into jungles, we have animals prowling the streets, lanes and by lanes. They roam in air conditioned comforts and lift unwary delicate samples just to taste new types of bloods. They do not have any regrets because they bask in the knowledge that they can come to no harm, that no one can touch them, and that they have adequate patronage to remain free despite the atrocities they continue to commit.

Our educational institutions take pride in making good, responsible citizens out of us. The schools bring up the children to grow up and take over the reins of the country. Their knowledge gets continuously upgraded. Whenever the political climate changes, the syllabi are modified to accommodate newer concepts. But, sadly, there does not appear to be any serious thought given to teach the burning subject of the day – ‘how to protect oneself from the clutches of the well dressed animals that view a member of the fairer sex as one more tasty morsel. These animals could be college goers, could be guardians of the law, and could also be the spoilt brats of high placed officials. Yes, there are karate and judo classes, but when the attacks are sudden and when one is denied any elbow space to exercise the punches that come so easily on the stage, the victim is at a serious disadvantage. She has to suffer the indignation of unwanted specimens of humans invading her privacy.

The only defense these poor souls can think of is probably putting their nails into use or the pouch of red chili powder. But, when there is more than one attacker, she has to look elsewhere.

That is what this piece is all about – with so much advances in science and technology, is it not feasible to devise a sort of warning system whereby the victim can alert the local police station as well as her relatives and family that she is in trouble and needs immediate help? The device could be located in her ring or her locket or her wristwatch or some such object that every girl carries with her. The alert could be to not more than five telephone numbers.

Simultaneously, there could be one more weapon – that of marking the attacker by squirting some sort of indelible liquid on his exposed portions. That will certainly help track down the miscreants.


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