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Thursday, May 19, 2005

lone men beware

Until now, it was the woman who was in danger, now it is the turn of the men. Women, being the weaker of the species and the more vulnerable due to obvious reasons, were more prone to dangers of various types, hence they were always advised by their elders to be in the company of known persons when ever moving out a night, to try and avoid deserted roads, lanes and by lanes, to never accept lifts from strangers and so on.

It has now been revealed that men, who travel alone, and over long distances in trains, are also in the danger of losing their belongings.

It seems that groups of tricksters board the train at the originating station itself and identify the probable victim from the reservation list – they search for single men, of 30 – 35 age brackets who will travel upto its destination. The tricksters keep their ears open to pick up tit-bits of information that invariably pour out from such travelers in the company of friends and relatives who come to the station to see them off.

The group usually targets the trains to Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai. On an average, they carry out four to five such operations every month and carry away booty worth several lakhs of rupees. After distribution of this loot, they are quite well off. In fact, they are known in their neighborhood as affluent persons who love to come to birthday parties with gifts for the kids!

The racket has come to light in Kolkata.

The mode of operation is simple – once the victim is identified, they prevail upon the TTE to relocate their berths as near to the victim as possible. Then they start chatting him up. Most of the long distance trains leave Howrah station in the night. Hence, by the time dawn breaks, it is a new day. The victim, like other travelers, is in a relaxed mood. The ‘group of four’ gradually start tightening the noose around his neck. One of them lets out, accidentally sort of, that at one of the stations that will be coming up shortly, they serve special tea. It has a unique taste unmatched in any other part of the country! The victim agrees to taste this special brand of tea. The ‘group of four’ exchange glances. When the next station (which ever one that may be!) arrives, one of the four alights, buys tea cups from one of the vendors, and surreptiously mixes a few drops of a liquid sedative in the cup meant for the victim.

Soon after the train leaves the station, the victim begins to feel drowsy. The ‘group of four’ goad him on to relax in the upper berth. They even help him climb the steps. When the victim wakes up he discovers the truth.

This has been reported in the leading Bengali daily of today!


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