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Monday, April 04, 2005

relative values and buddhi building

We have grown up listening to phrases like ‘the child is the father of the man’, ‘like father like son’, ‘having a blind maternal uncle is better than not having any maternal uncle’ and so on. Ever since our cradle days we were brought up with the knowledge that our teacher has a terribly soft corner for so-and-so because so-and-so’s aunt wields tremendous clout in the school administration. In college, we learnt that Mr. So-and-so will go all out to help so-and-so because the father of so-and-so can arrange his promotion or transfer, as the case may be. This culture spread to all walks of life. Whenever in trouble, we searched around for contacts. In today’s world, the only thing that makes sense is contacts. If you have them where they count the most, you can get away with blue murder, you can be glorified, and you can always remain on cloud nine.

In the olden days, it was customary for the son to follow in the footsteps of his father. The cobbler passed on his expertise to his son just as the priest did. No one saw any harm in continuing to keep the family tradition alive. It had its advantages, you were a known person, and your antecedents were no mystery. Hence, while you shared the affection of your clientele on the one hand, you simultaneously swallowed the abuses, when you earned their displeasure.

Today we debunk the same thinking calling it dynastic rule!

Of course, there are certain typical areas where such logics fail – an actor’s offspring may not shine as an actor or the offspring of sportspersons may not have the stamina or drive or interest of their fathers. The fathers do make efforts but, in a majority of the cases, they have to surrender to the inevitable.

That is why the phrase ‘buddhi building’ caught my eyes. It is not to be confused with body building. Leave it to our admen to come up with really cute words! For those who do not know, ‘buddhi’ means ‘intelligence’. Hence, use of such phrases in ads of drinks meant for children passes muster. The secrets of improving our energy have been disclosed, now it is the turn of intellectuals to come to the forefront.

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