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Friday, April 01, 2005

good bye nautch girls

The recent decision to ban dancing girls in the bars of Maharastra needs to be viewed in a proper perspective. It seems fresh rules are being framed to contain their ‘corrupting influence’ on the youth. But, with bellies of beautiful belles attracting so much attention in the ad world, with bubbles bursting all around us, one goes back to the days of belly dancing (to attract tourists!) and wonders what prompted such a decision.

The basic reason for issuing license to start dance bars is today history. In all probability it was done to allow moneyed clients to indulge in broadening their areas of influence and, simultaneously, tasting the sweets of life. Sipping hard drinks with only fried cashew nuts for company may have been the in-thing in the fifties and sixties but, today, concepts have changed. Movies of today depict heroines who impersonate dance girls and gyrate to loud music to help the hero apprehend the villain. One super popular movie showed the heroine, who is actually a police officer, impersonate a dance girl to enter the good books of the villain, who by the way, turns out to be the hero!

Heroines of yore blushed and hid their faces behind the pallus, they never needed to bare all. That role was kept reserved for vamps of the screen. The pay-cheques of heroines would be in lakhs while that of the vamps would seldom exceed thousands. Movies without a sprinkling of ‘vamp’ish dances are like pulao sans spices. Hence, for acceptance of the movie by the audience, such scenes were necessary.

However, today, heroines themselves perform the roles of vamps.

When called upon to explain the compulsions for showing off so much skin, their stock reply is – the script demands it. And, for every one girl who makes it big, there are hundreds who perish by the roadside. Till now, they were welcomed into the dance bars. After all, they also have to earn their livings and, dancing is by no stretch of imagination a bad profession. It is certainly better than that of thieves or pickpockets or even cheats. The latest decision compels them to look elsewhere. One option could be to enter the field of music videos.

How to counter the bad influence of music videos can be one more theme to keep the attention of people diverted from more serious matters.

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