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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

the five star culture

What we had known all along is at last made official. We are a five star culture Nation. The ‘five star’ tag is, apparently, an indicator of excellence. Remember the dimple cheeked model of that famous ‘5-star’ ad who made it real big? That is the India of our dreams. We want to see life on the fast track; we want to wish away unpleasant sights. Let us increase the number of five star hotels that will serve five star lunches to our five star guests so that we can lay our hands on the five star dollars of the star spangled banner fame. What ever critics may say, we have full faith in our capabilities and believe that we deserve to be considered at par with Nations who have initiated the star culture in the first place.

Stars are born, not made.

Old timers who ruled the silver screen did so by virtue of their acting abilities. Whether it was serious matter or light hearted comedy, the characters remained etched forever in our memories because they were so natural. They did not have to undergo grooming courses or be guided along by their peers - they had the power to deliver the goods on their own and hence captured the minds of the audience. And, once they felt that they had given back to Society much more than they had received, they called it a day and retired graciously. Those who conduct annual awards do remember them once in a while and request them to come up on stage for one last bow.

It is, therefore, natural that we rely upon our established stars to continue to deliver because we are unable to identify replacements. The result is there for all of us to see – the angry young man of yore has to tolerate tantrums of kids, he has to kick the football, he has to don the robe of an Irish Brother (or Father!), he has to do sit ups to appease a girl, he has to try out tongue twisters. Over and above all that he has to, mandatorily, appear on polio campaign ads even though it is now common knowledge that the medicine (of polio doses) has found a new market as, no – not chicken feed but - pigeon feed!

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