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Thursday, April 07, 2005

bad business boys

‘B’, the second letter of the English alphabet, never had it so bad – Bollywoodians themselves are voicing their concerns and talking about all the bad business that Bollywood is spawning of late. It seems that in the first three months of 2005, the industry has reportedly lost up to Rs 100 crores. Out of the 41 films released in this period, 37 have bombed!!!!

It is not that they did not know it; it is only that the realization took a pretty long time to come. Big banners do not necessarily translate into big business but into bad business. We knew from time immemorial all that we needed to know about the birds and the bees, Shakespeare himself pondered whether ‘to be or not to be’. And, only the other day, the stalwarts of Indian cinema were heard ruing that the name Bollywood itself conjures up visions of a clone of Hollywood. They certainly have a case of renaming – if roads, airports and railway stations can be renamed, why not Bollywood? Trying to reverse the trend of flops, by renaming Bollywood could be a step in a different direction. Challenging tradition takes a lot of courage. Let the pundits put their heads together and arrive at a new avatar so that the resources, already available to our home industry, can produce something more creative, more appealing, and more acceptable. That will prevent them from complaining that copies and copies of copies are the routine of one of the largest film producing centers of the world.

Only father Time will tell us whether that direction is the right one.

As it stands today, a lay man considers the present film making of Bollywood as a game played by youngsters who have crores to spend. In lieu of that, they have a real good time (for at least six months!) with a horde of beauties for company and promises of super deluxe travel and accommodation worldwide. A few crores do not make any dent of sorts in their purses.

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