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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

anda ka funda

Last year we had that famous controversy surrounding cold drinks. ‘Thanda ka funda’ got the boot. Now it is the turn of eggs. Whilst agencies try to promote the consumption of eggs, it is now revealed that these shelled wonders contain high ‘dioxin’ levels – it seems that Indian samples exhibit 5.5 times higher than the EU limits.

The ‘anda ka funda’ seems to have undergone a complete turn around.

We grew up on eggs. In our nursery days we learnt all about Humpty and Dumpty who sat on a wall, fell down, and made a mess of their lives. The army was called in by the King but the poor creatures could not be reassembled.

As we stepped into our youth, we discovered that eggs are a sort of symbol of bachelorhood – different methods of preparation of eggs added to the repertoire of the bachelors’ cuisine capabilities. From simple boiled eggs, to half boiled ones, followed by the omelettes and scrambled eggs, the bachelors had to master the arts or go hungry. There were no pizza parlors around with the guaranteed promise of half-an-hour time limit for delivery; else it comes to you free. Neither were there two minute noodles that you just boiled in water and consumed as you took in the day’s news before making a bee line for the bus or tram or train or whatever to take you to your place of work.

In between it was reported that eggs add to your cholesterol levels – the yolk of eggs contain substances that dissolve readily in blood and result in blocked arteries of the heart. Hence eggs are to be avoided like poison. Consumers became cautious. It was expected that someone would come up with a variety of yolkless eggs as we have ‘sugarless’ sweetener tablets for the diabetics! That has not happened till now.

The fact of the matter is that we love eggs for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The delicious Moghlai pararthas of Anadi cabin and its clones are unimaginable without eggs. Even today the evenings of Kolkata are incomplete without those mouth watering egg rolls, wrapped and delivered to you on a platter - literally.

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