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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

when heights matter

It was with mixed feelings that I read the news item about one of our Parliamentarians complaining of the size of his seat in the hall. Apparently, he is a bit too tall. If he were in the ruling side, he could have occupied one of the more spacious chairs up front. Unfortunately, right now, he has to adjust to prevailing situations. Grumble he might, to grumble is everybody’s birthright. To come out of this predicament, he could switch sides and get his position elevated to more comfortable levels.

In this context, it would be worthwhile to consider the fact that ever since Independence, we have had quite a number of Parliamentarians who had the height. They stood tall among a whole lot of mediocres. Their stature increased with their work. They knew that, once elected to Parliament, they have to sacrifice because, to them, service to the Nation came first. When they sat in session, they discussed the agendas as mature individuals are supposed to discuss, weighing all the pros and cons before arriving at decisions. They had respect for each other. Party ideologies were prevalent even then. In spite of all that, they moved as a Team to conquer the ills of our country. Ills like lack of education, health, sanitation. They also evolved schemes to provide food grains at reasonable prices. However, in their enthusiasm to provide guarantee of permanent jobs, these gentlemen, unknowingly, created Frankenstein. The monster learnt that it could wield considerable clout and could twist the arms of the administrators in the name of Democracy. Striking work at the drop of a hat became the order of the day. Muscle power gradually took over the power of gentle persuasion. The leaders and the led joined forces to create empires of their own.

Of course, when we are treated to visuals of people who walk out of the prison gates and saunter down the aisle of the Parliament, head held high, to take the oath of office, we wonder how long we will be able to tolerate such sins (not scenes!)

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