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Friday, March 04, 2005

the twist in the story

In our college days we were taught that, in order to produce a gripping novel or a really good short story, there must necessarily be a twist of sorts in the end. We were also taught that the ending should be as near to the climax as possible for the best possible effect. And – that is just what is happening all around us. We take hold of a story and build hype around it forcing one to support it to the hilt only to realize that our homework was not done properly. Those who we thought to be our friends turn out to be people who owe allegiance to the opposite camp. In whatever field it may be, we love to play the losing game and then pat each other on the back and say – after all, in any game there are bound to be losers, it is all about playing. Not necessarily playing for winning but playing for the sake playing. Noble thoughts indeed – that is what we are all made of: hypocrites to the core.

One of our tennis kids moved to a world ranking of within the first 100, by dint of hard work and rigorous training – immediately, she discovers a whole horde of people at her doorsteps. They all want to sign her up for promotional ads, starting with vitalising drinks.

Similar appears to be the case with the Formula One hopeful. This 28-year old is already suffering from an identity crisis. He is being mistaken for just an ordinary driver. He has to really struggle with the steering wheel to prove that he is a cut above the average.

Earlier, there was that chubby wicket keeper who loved to keep his coach in good humor by cycling. He appears to have become a victim of circumstances. As some commentators say, the wicket keeper is supposed to prevent the ball from going past him. He is supposed to have quicksilver reflexes; he must be able to move either to the right or to the left depending on who the bowler is and what sort of a ball he is likely to deliver. The wicket keeper should be a master of behind the wicket scenes; he is not required to prove anything in front of the wicket.

We have pinned our hopes on youngsters to lead us from darkness to light. Hopefully, their achievements will act as catalysts and encourage other youngsters to come to the forefront, especially, in Politics. Even though we have the right to elect our leaders, we keep on getting leaders thrust upon us. We want a twist in that story.


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