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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

retirement solutions

Those who are in the service of the Government of India are governed by an entity known as the upper age limit. How that limit has been arrived at is never disclosed. Suffice it to say that at regular intervals, it is reviewed and increased – in the 1960s, it was 55; then it went on to become 57, then 58 and finally it reached 60. For those not in government service, the very concept of an upper age limit is considered as something ridiculous and downright silly.

For them, the opportunities have to remain unlimited – most celebrities of the screen and theatre retire when the going is good. Exceptions are always there – with sunken cheeks and white beards, they try to re-enact popular characters of their youth. Some of them even try to gyrate to hip swinging music of the day. The effects leave a lot to be desired but, who bothers. Dominate as long as you are able to, is their punch line.

Much has been written on the reluctance of politicians and sportspersons to step down with grace. The attractions of monetary rewards are temptations not easy to ignore. As experience increases, they devise newer and newer methods of augmenting their bank balances. For them, retirement is literally the end of the road. Those who have the energy and the drive set up consulting services, or conduct coaching classes after retirement. The objectives are to utilize the expertise gained in service to help out others in the same or similar profession or to disseminate knowledge to the younger generation. In this way, they ensure that precious time is not wasted on idle thoughts. Also, such activities egg them on to keep their knowledge bank up-to-date.

With the opening up of our economy, external players have entered the market. They have their own versions of retirement solutions. It would be worthwhile to find out whether they can provide retirement solutions to batsmen whose bad patches never seem to end or who believe in the never-say-die attitude to pocket one last record.

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