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Sunday, March 20, 2005

the huddle in the middle

Does anybody know the message they pass on to each other when Saurav and his boys huddle together before embarking on their annihilation missions?

They say their prayers which goes thus - don’t miss catches because catches win matches; save runs, don’t gift them away; convert our twos into threes; prevent the opponent’s boundaries; don’t get run out because run outs are for kids; and, finally, Dada, give us some more centuries.
Readers are welcome to this list.

In the recent Test Match victory at the fabulous Eden Gardens in Kolkata, Afridi freed his team from the initial shackles on day four. But Younis was unable to tighten the noose on day five. Inzamam tried to jam the flow of runs while fielding and got himself in a jam while batting. Youhana doesn’t believe in ‘hna-nah’ (yes-no) and Abdul Razzaq loves to raze down the opposition but their efforts went in vain. Asim Kamal did perform some ‘kamal’ (wonders) with the bat and Kamran Akmal, a non believer in ‘kam’ (less) runs, (the century is proof enough), could not deliver in the last round. Danish Kaneria, their new find, is not from Denmark, there is nothing Danish about him. If only he could have ensured an Indian total within manageable proportions, the story could have ended differently.

All of them played into the traps laid by the awesome ‘Awe’-nil Kumble.

On the umpiring side, there was Steve Bucknor. Umpiring in his 100th Test match, he unfortunately missed out on another’s probable century. The heat must have got onto him or was it old age? His mate Darrel Hair appears to hate finger rising exercises, probably supports hair raising ones. The TV umpire A V Jayaprakash, hidden in the TV box misses out on the joys of ‘prakash’ (being seen).

Yes, our Team has delivered – with so many record holders in our midst, we should keep on delivering. But, consistency is not our middle name. At times, we muddle up our thinking. Huddles are fine so long as they pay dividends. They lose their charm when your Team starts sliding.

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