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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

developing excellence

It is reported that the IITs will be diversifying into other branches of education viz. the Pure Sciences, Humanities and Linguistics. It is planned to take a leaf out of the books of MIT. Selection to these courses will continue to be based on the performance of the candidate in the existing JEEs – so that ‘the top few hundred who qualify in JEE but don’t make it to the Technical Institutes should not be left behind’.

While presenting the Annual Budget, the Finance Minister had mentioned that one of our premier Institutions would be earmarked to become an Institution of Excellence. He wanted it to be molded on the lines of the Cambridge, Oxford or Harvard. Delightful thoughts indeed, one has to admit - noble to the power of infinity. Given the mental setup of Indians, whoever is entrusted with the responsibility to maintain this Institute to be at par with real premier Institutions of the World will have to be a sort of Superman. He would have to ensure that the faculty is really without a blemish, he will have to ensure that the syllabi is not tampered with to suit the likes and dislikes of the political bosses of the day, he has to not only get necessary funds sanctioned but physically ensure that it is credited to the account of the Institute, he has to accept only the best of the best to maintain whatever tradition is set up, he must have the courage not to succumb to peer pressure. The point is – do we have such individuals around? Individuals who have certain ideals, who possess vision, who are upright and do not hesitate to call a spade a spade? From what we can see, each and every level is corrupt to the core. Results of examinations can be manipulated – these are well planned well orchestrated activities, involving various levels of persons occupying critical positions. Those who conduct coaching classes with guarantees of success are available in the market, of course for suitable monetary considerations. In such a setup, which reeks of corruption and incompetence, how long an institute of Excellence can survive is anybody’s guess.

In this connection, allow me to share with all of you, the following comments that I have received in response to my spot on ‘Education in India 20/11/2004’ –


adhir basu
u should have mentined about the innumerable ads of abortion clinics in bus stands, local trains etc.. we are really on the threshold of being counted among the most developed of countries. ha - ha - ha -
Posted @ 11/23/2004 11:25

sharmila pathak, mumbai
my kid has to carry a heavy bag to school every day - if the outlook is so bleak at the end of his passage thro school and college - what do i do?
Posted @ 11/24/2004 12:26 PM

all i can say bout our edn system is
Posted @ 11/26/2004 9:03 PM

sri kant sule
students do not respect teachers any longer - the days of dronacharya and ekalavya are gone for ever. how sad.
Posted @ 11/28/2004 11:35 AM

today's girls know much more about how not to carry unwanted burdens whem compared to their moms and grandmoms
Posted @ 12/3/2004 4:05 PM

neetu pathak
in america, there are special coaching classes so that tiny tots can be groomed to go into prestigeous schools - three groups : toddler, nursery and kindergarten. the ultimate destination is harvard or yale! the charges include training of both parents and their offspring.
Posted @ 12/17/2004 8:45 PM

premchand rai
we required such type of education system that build our mental power,increases our thoughts and provide ability so that we can expres our knowledge and also earn money to fulfill our basic requrirements.
Posted @ 1/7/2005 6:21 PM

Hello,I am in 10th standard,well i feel there r lots of drawbacks in our educational system..we dont have freedom in it..i am from SSC ..and we have to literaly mug up exactly what all is written in the textbooks..this sounds damn foolish..well the board does not care whether the child has understood everything or not..we just have to learn for the sake of percentage but not for achieving knowledge..
I have heard in ICSE they have the right to write thier exams in thier own this way thier knowledge gets testified..
Well what do u all say??
You can mail me
Posted @ 1/9/2005 10:30 PM

‘Education system in India needs a drastic change’
Posted @ 1/9/2005 10:31 PM

there is one more example in front of u all like me...
just look at this link..and u'll get a true picture of everything...
well is there anybody could help miserable students like me???
Posted @ 1/9/2005 10:44 PM

there is no doubt that the education system needs a change but so does our understandting of the whole concept of education. education is not just about literacy or about learning english and maths, it is much more than that. but the paradox is that as the price of education is reaching sky high the quality of the same has touched rock bottom.
Posted @ 1/20/2005 7:43 PM

Posted @ 1/21/2005 12:57 PM

prabir ghose
suggest go to one of the search engines and check for the string 'education system in india' - there will be hundreds of thousands of links.
Posted @ 1/21/2005 4:37 PM

My son is studying in VIII Std., ICSE Syllabus. THe syllabus are so heavy. I feel that they should introduce trimester system for ICSE also as they have introduced for State and CBSE Syllabus so that it the burden will come down naturally .
Posted @ 2/15/2005 4:44 PM

Less stress needs to be on exams. Using the method of grading is the best way as it lessens the pressure on children. More stress needs to be laid on paticipation rather than on learning matter by heart.
Posted @ 2/17/2005 10:00 PM

The students are very pressured of what thier teachers doing to them. Give them a break so that they can enjoy the essence of how beautiful is life.
Posted @ 2/19/2005 4:05 PM

My Child is studing in Kendriya Vidayalaya in class I and III. I feel the syllbus is to less and Standard of english is too poor compare to some ICSE School. What is the use of learning Snaskrit and hindi extensively.
Posted @ 2/27/2005 2:19 PM

My daughter is studying in II std in CBSE-NCERT syllabus and finding it heavy and the school is taxing and thus we thought of changing her into to fun learning. Kindly let me know such school in Chennai
Posted @ 3/3/2005 6:29 PM

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