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Thursday, March 24, 2005

confidence building measures

One more acronym has hit the news board – CBMs. I first thought it to be a derivative of EVMs or a clone of IBM. It is, in fact, something called Confidence Building Measures – the General wants it, the Sardarji wants it. So, let us have it.

The concept of CBMs is not new: we have known it for ages. When we join school or college or take up a job or get married, we are always wary of others. A manager has to prove his worth not only to his subordinates but also gain the confidence of his superiors.

Suspicion is second nature to us.

We suspect each and every action of the other party. If colleagues, we doubt their intentions; if the Boss, we misconstrue his (or hers!) advances; if a student, we hesitate to accept the sincere gestures of the teachers; if a ma-in-law, we feel the bahu is out to ruin the family – that too after going into her antecedents over and over again and comparing of horoscopes! In order to normalize relationships, all of us have to master the art of CBMs. There are no handbooks in the market to promote this subject – if someone does come forward, he could be a millionaire ten times over. A title like ‘how to overpower your opponents and leave your mark?’ would be an instant bestseller. It might even go to win fabulous prizes!

Humans are basically creatures who do not know the meaning of the word trust. Remember the story of the two friends who were chased by a bear? One of the friends climbed up a tree, the other lay flat on the ground pretending to be dead. The bear walked up to him, smelt him and walked away. The friend climbed down the tree and asked his friend what the bear told him. And, the friend replied – never trust even your own brother or something similar.

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