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Friday, March 18, 2005

catch the taste match

From Chennai to Chandigarh, from Delhi to Dibrugarh, from Kolkata to Coimbatore, everyone has something special to offer to tickle your taste buds. Depending on the size of your pocket, you can seize their packets – looks may be deceptive, mere looks may not always do justice to the final product. Chana-batura in the Udipi Hotels of Bangalore may not taste the same as that in the street corners of Hauz Khas. Similarly, the super soft rawa idlis of Mysore can never compete in taste with rawa idlis in Mumbai. ‘Mishti doi’ (sweet curd) and sponge rosogollas are typical Bengali delicacies that have yet to be cloned like its Mughlai parathas. The only regret is that the prevalent fast food culture is forcing these typical delicacies to contain themselves in tiny pockets. Large Hotels do conduct experiments once in a while by organizing lunches with typical local dishes on the occasion of festivals. But, the rates are pegged at levels that discourage commoners. They can only read about these in the papers or see glimpses of the celebrations on the small screen and sigh – ‘if only I had the power…’

It is reported that Malabari parathas from Kerala have carved a niche for themselves in the International market. The state government’s efforts have ensured that this ethnic food of the Muslims of the northern Malabar region literally goes places. Earlier there were only two companies making these parathas and curry for exports. Now there are as many as fifteen small and big names associated with export of this product. Demands exist from the US, European countries, Gulf countries and Australia, where the South Asian population is gradually increasing. As a spokesman of one of the leading companies mentioned – his company makes fifty thousand parathas daily over a twenty four hour period to meet the growing demands!

Any program that showcases great cooks and their still greater cookeries become instant hits. No matter which channel or what language, recipes that tickle ones taste buds are bound to grab attention. Remember the catch line ‘taste the thunder?’ It’s all about bowing down to tastes.

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