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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

a solution to the problem

The problem withy regard to the displaying of the tricolor on the helmet of Indian batsmen would not have arisen if some wise person had not said that our cricket team is Team BCCI and not Team India!

We Indians are unparalleled in the field of controversies – we are capable of creating a controversy, where none exists, on any subject under the Sun. We Indians top the lists for all the wrong reasons. The other day it was informed that Mumbai is the third most populated city of the world. We ourselves know that ours is the most densely populated country of the world. We also head the list of the most corrupt Nation. We are the laziest of people, we loathe work. In spite of that we do achieve some milestones – rather, some of us create History of sorts and others bask in their glory. I am reminded of a famous saying in Bengali which, when translated means that the mother-in-law, in order to keep her daughter-in-law always busy, mixes together clean rice and rice with husk and asks her to separate them. In English, a saying which means something similar is ‘the idle brain is the devil’s workshop’.

The reason for writing on this subject today is the problem faced by the Indian cricketing fraternity with regard to the tricolor.

The National flag and the National anthem are things of which every countryman is rightly proud of. No one has ever heard of similar problems associated with the Union Jack or the Star Spangled Banner. National flags, like the National anthem, should be respected for what they are. They have come into existence long before we arrived on the scene. Our leaders of the day gave to us what they thought to be most appropriate. Why should we, then, create a ruckus over these subjects? They should be above all controversy.

The problem of displaying the tricolor on the helmet can be solved quite easily.

Let it be of a removable type. When the batsman goes out to bat, it can be attached to his helmet. When he returns to the pavilion, it can be removed. This will open up the possibilities of including one more member in the team – to take care of the tricolor! This member could also be covered by the rotation scheme and, he could also be given some fixed compensation linked to the performance of the Team, like other members of the team.


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