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Thursday, February 10, 2005

silence is golden

It seems that in one of the largest states, nearly 50% of the MLAs have not uttered a word in the Assembly in the past several months – against at least 90 days sitting in a year, the house had sittings of between 30 to 40. In recent years, the figures are 29 in 2002, 15 in 2003 and 28 in 2004.

The reluctance to open their mouths is difficult to comprehend – they have been elected among a whole lot of would-be’s all of whom relied on their oratory powers to win votes and get elected. Come election time and we can hear them shouting themselves hoarse over this point or that, loud mouthing their various agendas. Unfortunately, once elected, they clam up, irrespective of party affiliations. The whole affair draws a rather grim picture and needs to be investigated.
As we all know, the spoken word is often likened to an arrow shot from a bow – it cannot be made to come back. When participating in a debate, the member must have sufficient knowledge of the subject to not just put forth his point of view but counter the opposition’s views quoting from past references and brandishing relevant statistics. To perform this task effectively, one must, naturally, be equipped with the necessary ammunition in the form of knowledge. Lack of such knowledge can prove detrimental to both him and his party. Opening ones mouth to prove his ignorance is something no one in his right mind would like to propagate! Is this one of the reasons for them to remain tongue tied? Is this one of the reasons why they appear to have lost the powers of speech once inside the sanctum sanctorum?

It is high time for all to realize that such actions will, one day, boomerang. No amount of grooming by media experts, who advise on the most appropriate dress code, can substitute the necessity of knowledge to face the electorate – after all, the electorate wants action, they want someone to remove their grievances. Not listen to MLAs waxing eloquent in front of the media in talk shows but preferring to remain silent where it should assert itself most, through the power of words. Not muscles.

We are accustomed to seeing MLAs throwing missiles at each other in the house.

Let us, for a change, see them engaged in verbal duels.


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