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Monday, February 21, 2005

its carnival time again

The cricket carnival is back. It brings with it something for everyone. To the players, it means money. To the sponsors, it means money. To the small time business men, it means money. Yes, cricket is, without doubt, big money. While one group makes money, another squanders it. Just look at the timing – Budget session in end February and super suspense guaranteeing cricket matches also in the same period. The event managers really know their business - diversionary tactics is the name of their game. How to keep those in power happy is their password. Generals do it during war; here also it is war – the war of survival!

We can be rest assured that, during the Budget session of Parliament, members will not have much interest in the speech of the FM or the new proposals that may be put up for generating more and more funds to line more and more pockets. They know that all FMs follow the same principle. They leave enough loopholes through which knowledgeable ones can squeeze through quite easily. Therefore, during the forthcoming session of Parliament, it would not be surprising to see more attention being given to whether our star batsmen get their umpteenth century and whether our bowlers keep up the tradition of bowling loose deliveries in the last over and whether our boys have said anything out of context and whether they were right in jumping up and down like kangaroos when their LBW requests were turned down by the umpire.
Cricket is also a game of diverse opinions.

In one part of the country, SS activists yell blue murder if such matches are held on our soil. SS, in this context, is not to be confused with the ‘Secret State’ police of Hitler, more commonly called the ‘Gestapo’! Digging up the pitch is one form of registering their protest. Simultaneously, in another part of the country, people demand that if it is not allowed to host one of the matches, it will mean trouble for those in power. Heart burns may extend to other burns! The funniest part is that, till recently, both were part of a single group sharing power and swearing by the same ideologies.

There goes similarity of ideologies for you!

Let us hope that the game keeps its toll of heart attacks to the barest minimum. Doctors may ensure that the ICUs are in fully operating condition and that life saving drugs as well as ambulances are available, to the needy, on demand.


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