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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

hoildays on instalment

Yesterday I was pleasantly surprised to discover a message scrolling on the TV, in a popular news channel – it seems some travel agencies are offering dream destinations for EMIs of approximately Rs 500!!

Here is consumerism for you.

We have money flowing all around us and still we cry ourselves hoarse that we are a poor nation. Finance companies are out to rope us in on their innumerable installment plans – if it is not the 1BHK flat or the car then it will be the furniture or the electronic gadgets or, hold your breath, jewelry! Fly now, pay later used to be a favorite slogan in the West of the sixties – it is now descending on us. We are witnessing a war of the skies. Each airline is coming up with more and more options. Better late than never, as they say. Very soon, there could be a separate budget for the fliers – similar to the Rail Budget, we may have the Sky budget (or Air budget, if you please!). We already have a Minister of Civil Aviation. It will be his responsibility to present that budget – and his Staff will spend sleepless nights to come out with how much of what to be dispensed to whom. In order to remain popular in the eyes of his constituency, the Minister of the day may announce starting air links between villages where the only things that fly are crows and sparrows!

This is what business is all about. Money has to multiply. And, the best way of doing that is to let it roll. Keeping them locked up is bad business sense. One rupee must become ten and then hundred and thousand. The only way to do that is to make it work for you. The money lenders of yore did it, financiers of today do it. Money lenders were disliked by Society – only those who were in urgent need of money approached them and, in order to get the money, they would hock their all – utensils, jewelry, land. Today’s financiers are no better. Only, things are more polished. You sign on the dotted line, in case you miss out on the EMI, their goons come after you.

Nothing has changed. They have only acquired a new identity.


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