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Thursday, February 17, 2005

fighting forces of the future

The declaration has come: the Pentagon boys are working out plans of putting up a Future Combat System that will comprise a totally new generation of soldiers - robots of all shapes and sizes.

Such a battalion is bound to have innumerable positive points, most important one being that it will be free from problems that beset humans. Those in the armed forces do not have any secure life; today they may be in one place and may be asked to move to another destination tomorrow, based on demands of the situation. Their domestic life is always in tatters. When taken prisoners by the enemy, their near and dear ones are affected; during hostilities, lives are lost and the government has to compensate such losses by suitable monetary considerations. Over and above that, in some countries, people of the armed forces join together, revolt and seize power to install themselves in the chair of the Supremo.

With a combat force that is completely robotic, all such problems would have become things of the past. Standardization would be of the highest order and such a division of the Army, the Navy or the Air force would always be a super efficient team. Of course, programming such creations will pose problems – the most important one being how to differentiate between friend and foe! One never wields a weapon on his friends, hence for a robot to identify between the two is important. Probably, all humans will have to undergo some form of operation to get chips implanted in their bodies to meet this requirement. Each of these chips would have an ID and, when death occurs or when a person is declared as persona-non-grata by his country, suitable upgrades may be fed in the super computer so that the robot can benefit from that knowledge.

As they say, nothing is impossible in today’s world.

We have seen such imaginary characters in foreign movies. Within the next fifty years, they are expected to be transformed into reality. Once again, Man would try to prove his superiority. Probably, the only profession that will be severely affected by this introduction will be those in the branches of medicine because, patients of flesh and blood would cease to exist!


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