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Friday, January 07, 2005

some more magical mantras

When I started this series of blogs, I was skeptical as to how bloggers would take them. My fears appear to have been baseless – these have attracted quite some attention. In a world overflowing with grief and sorrow, we need to search for some form of light – try to view Life in a lighter vein, from a different perspective. This is a tiny attempt in that direction.

Spare the rod and spoil the child – the days when children used to look up to elders as role models do not exist any more. Wielding ‘rods’ to make errant children fall in line is absolutely taboo since such cases are viewed very seriously by reps of Human Rights Commission. Result – you have to keep your fingers crossed, hope for the best and be prepared for the worst.

Time and tide wait for no man – the hypothetical Time Machine could take you back in time. We have had number Hollywood movies on the subject – from the Space age, you can be transported to the Stone Age at the flick of a switch. Looking at the deteriorating qualities of various Public services, we complain that they are taking us back in time. On the other hand, we shoot videos at will on camera enabled mobiles and transmit them all over the countryside just to prove that we are moving with the times. As to tides, if our efforts to interlink all the major rivers do succeed, we could consider controlling the tides also.

To err is human, to forgive divine – yes, true even today. We have seen second rung leaders shouting off their mouths in Public just to bolster their images and improve their TRPs. Subsequently, they start whimpering for forgiveness. The best part of such incidents is that they are forgiven – in the interests of the Party. In Politics, you can commit murder and get away with it

Take care of the pennies; pounds will take care of themselves – pennies today have been regaled to the level of ‘installments’. Whatever is on offer is yours if you agree to repay the installments. Your financial loss is the financier’s gain. He is investing his pounds; you take care of his pennies.

The pen is mightier than the sword – journalism is not what it should be. The media, in whatever form, is controlled by people who have different reasons for promoting certain individuals or conglomerates. All those who work with him have to toe the line that he draws up. Since you are pocketing his cheques on the first of every month, obviously you cannot revolt. Exceptions, as depicted on the screen, result in bloodshed and deaths. Your pen is in his control. The sword rules the day, the pen is just a showpiece.

There cannot be smoke without fire – science has given us the ability to generate smoke without fire. The ‘tear gas shells’ used by the Police to disperse crowds is an example. The ‘smoke screens’ regularly employed on the screens to camouflage film celebrities while they change dresses for the song and dance sequences is another example.

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