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Thursday, January 06, 2005

more magical mantras

Dear visitors to the site – one more set of eight magical mantras for you to digest. It started with a set of nine. Next day there was the set of ten. Today, it is a set of eight. Hope you like them…..

He laughs best who laughs last – laughter is considered to be an expression of happiness. Situations where one can laugh his heart out are fast vanishing. Laughing clubs are coming up to remind us that laughter is the best medicine. Today, we have laughter forced upon us as comic interludes to break the monotony of song and dance sequences that transform our world into worlds of fantasy where everything fits into place in the last scene! How unreal!! Oh for the days of Laurel and Hardy, Mehmood and Kishore Kumar.

Look before you leap – especially in the night when walking down to your house from the bus stop or the market. All the roads, lanes and by lanes in any city resemble craters on the Moon. Potholes abound – mischievous ones suggest that these are intentional creations of nearby slum dwellers. To rid you of your belongings. If you miss your step, they will shift you to the hospital.

Make hay while the Sun shines – as someone mentioned, the Sun can be made to shine at our will. We have invented incubators – to control the production of poultry chickens. We also have scientific methods within our grasp of generating artificial ‘sunlight’ that can convert grass into hay. So hay need not wait for the Sun to shine.

Man proposes God disposes – you plan a journey and numerous hurdles appear. The train may be delayed indefinitely or be cancelled. The flight may not take off due to fog. If it does take off, it may not land at your destination – again due to bad weather. You feel these are what God had ordained. You are grossly mistaken. These are results of our ineptness.

Nothing succeeds like success – the path to success is lined with currency notes and favors. To get something, you have to part with something. These are today’s watch words. Hence, success has strings attached. Tiny, invisible strings to those not in the know.

People living in glass houses should not throw stones – unfortunately, those living in glass houses do not know that they are living in glass houses. We love to lay the blame at others’ feet. We do not realize that when we point a finger at somebody, the four remaining fingers point back at us.

Rome was not built in a day – this is common knowledge. But, when plans are drawn up for constructing a bridge or a flyover or a railway line or some such item, Politicians move in and decide when the project must be completed so that so-and-so dignitary can be invited to inaugurate it. So that the TV crews can zero in on the occasion to extend the necessary coverage which is so essential for the Politician’s survival.

Slow and steady wins the race – tortoises have learnt the tricks of the trade. They have mastered the art of taking life head on in the fast track. Today we do not use multiplication tables or slide rules – we punch out the answers in the calculators. We do not write letters – we send SMS. Remember the kid William (created by Richmal Crompton). He had his own typical methods of spelling – spell the word just as it is pronounced. We have come to that state. So, ‘love’ today is ‘luv’.

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