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Monday, January 10, 2005

the final few mantras

I have written only a couple of lines on each proverb – but, children have to write essays on them. When they grow up, they have to carry these thoughts to their work places in whatever field they may finally land up in. These proverbs are bound to crop up in their speeches, in their interactions with subordinates, colleagues and even superiors. Therefore, with these last six samples, I would like to close this session of dissecting and analyzing our knowledge base –

Rolling stone gathers no moss – this was meant to convey the philosophy that one has to pursue something with dedication because continuity spells success. One should not keep jumping from one subject to another. The Jack of all trades ultimately becomes master of none.

The morning shows the day – yeah, tune in to the morning shows to know what pitfalls are in store for you, which roads will be closed for passing through of dignitaries, hence need to be avoided, which trains are running late, which flights have been diverted etc.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating – when you do something, it should serve some sort of purpose. He, who produces something that is not saleable, loses out on competition. His well wishers shy away from him. His patrons vanish. Obviously, he has to carry out preliminary surveys and study the market before launching his product.

United we stand, divided we fall – the gist of coalition Politics was thought of by our ancestors when the wise old man called his sons to his deathbed and explained this truth. This type of unity becomes stale once the novelty wears off, even in a family as recent incidents suggest. Problems with such forced unity are encountered when bargaining powers come into play. You cannot get something for nothing hence, always, equation are to be solved to everyone’s satisfaction. Then only can there be happiness all around.

Where there is a will, there is a way – all young girls dream of becoming a model for some product or another. The will is very much present – what is required are opportunities. Revealing a bit more than one usually does can impress makers of music videos (popularly known as remixes) and open up doors one felt would never open up.

When in Rome, do as Romans do – this is especially true in our food habits. When one ventures out of his mother’s apron strings, he is faced with a whole lot of problems, major one being related to his culinary habits. Wada-pau culture of Mumbai needs to be accepted by the Bengali from Kolkata as the Sardarji of Patiala needs to accept that idli-dosa as menu for breakfast is the norm in Bangalore. This is probably the reason why packaged and precooked food and associated masalas, marketed as Mothers’ recipes, have captured the imagination of our younger generation.

There are many more proverbs. I have selected only a few to highlight the fact that the proverbs that we, our fathers and our grandfathers grew up with have not lost their relevance. Otherwise they would not find mentions in the school curriculum of today.

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