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Thursday, December 30, 2004

mission clean up

Cleanliness is next to Godliness, so people say. We Indians require a lot of cleaning up! A close observation of ads that vie with one another to catch our eyeballs will show that we are a really dirty lot. Therefore, it is heartening to note that manufacturers of consumer goods have taken it upon themselves to carry out this noble activity.

Whether it is our clothes or our teeth or feet, hair or legs, we are treated to wonderful visuals with foot tapping jingles that tempt us with unbelievable offers – like, buy a pack of washing powder, get a piece of cloth in the pack, clean the piece of cloth and discover your find – it could be a bonanza for your kid’s education! Side by side you have the washing bar that cleans dirty clothes in a jiffy like the sign of Zorro.

Or take the case of the anchor asking the women how clean is their ‘potty’? He demonstrates first hand the miracles of ‘the toilet expert’ and tries to convince his lady audience to switch brands.

Or consider the lady doctor who praises her liquid hand wash by saying – ‘if I do not care for my family, who else will?’

Or another lady doctor who shows how her stain champion enters the crevices and removes the stains.

And then there are the toothpastes that come in attractive packaging to woo the kids and youngsters – experiments are conducted to show how one brand is more effective than its rival when it comes to giving strong clean teeth.

And the advertisement of a mouth freshener really takes the cake – you are treated to hilarious scenes of a young couple trying to become intimate with their noses clipped. To counteract the effect of bad breath!!

Soaps are another range of products that tempt you with promises of glowing soft skins. Once upon a time there used to be one standard brand promoted by the reigning beauty queen of the day. Today, there is any number of brands – promoted by an equal number of beauties. The poor consumer is unable to decide whether to continue with her original brand or to discard it and switch over to one of the newer brands. A soap that used to be identified with sportsmen and ‘tanduroosti’ has today moved into the kid’s arena – with the addition of neem and tulsi to fight germs.

Apart from body soaps, other products that help in cleaning up ones image are the deodorants and anti dandruff shampoos. Some advertisers go to extreme lengths to impress upon the viewers the virtues of specific brands - the latest one being a renowned musician who removes his cap to display a bald palate. No hair, hence no dandruff!!

In India, we are accustomed to praying to God to deliver us from troubles – whenever in difficulties, we beseech him to lead us to the path of solution. We have implicit faith in His powers. If a Politician, then visits to temples are mandatory before Elections to seek His blessings. Unfortunately, we have yet to come across advertisers who attempt to clean up our Political field. Like the cleaning up of a hyacinth filled pond, it will be a really stupendous task.

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