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Thursday, December 23, 2004

december dhamakas

2004 seems to be ending on dhamaka notes – we had the ‘sealed lips’ episode of two silver screen characters followed by the now infamous MMS brouhaha. The ‘Best bakery case’ is gradually turning out to be the worst case of mockery of democracy with the latest so-called revelation that eighteen is not a matter to be taken lightly. It can set a lot of things on fire! While one camp was, till now, shouting ‘off with his head’, this expose has added a new dimension making the other camp rejoice and jump with glee. Counter shouts of ‘no, not my head, off with their heads’ has already started. Our Politicians believe in building houses with the stones thrown at them!

Then there was the case of the seer whose only support is gradually turning to be his walking stick!

Of course, the less said about hairy eared Politicians, the better because they have mastered the art of stretching their necks to the limits.

Money changing hands is not anything new to Indian Politics – its attractions are accepted by one and all but the method of dispensing so volatile a commodity does give some credit to perpetuators of such crimes. For a crime to be recorded as a crime, it has first to be proved. That is an impossible task. Hence, it turns to be a case of one snake trying to swallow another snake. An improbable situation in practice but a wonderful one to set your imagination on fire. So what happens next? Parallels have been drawn to justify the action of handing out money by quoting similar activities of another Political figure that was caught gifting clothes to women on his birthday! Hence – a stalemate situation. You demand my resignation, I demand yours.
Then there are the dhamakas in cricket. Having lost to our equals, we are setting all sorts of records with the minnows. All for the sake of the game, experts say. But why such a farce – let us compete with equals. Yes – the minnows may one day become a serious threat to our own supremacy. At least, for the time being, let our second rung tackle them. That will keep everyone happy. But then – how will records be created?

Another week and we enter the portals of a new year – we will certainly make any number of resolutions. Let one of our resolutions be to try and root out corruption from our beautiful country. Not route corruption through unheard of channels to make them appear honest.
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  • At 9:26 AM, Blogger anti said…

    Have a good Christmas mate.

    I recently read of the supposed sex scandal in India with the sex recording being sold on the Indian version of Ebay and the arrests therefrom.
    I'd like to read your thoughts on the matter.


  • At 4:05 AM, Blogger prabir ghose said…

    merry christmas to you also and a happy new year -

    i have just now posted a few thoughts on the episode!


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