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Monday, November 15, 2004

platinum jubilees

Platinum is one of the costliest of metals – even costlier than gold.

I remember when I was in school (in the fifties!) and it was necessary to have a thin filament of platinum wire to carry out analysis of different types of salts in the chemistry laboratory. If I remember correctly, my father paid Rs 25.00 for a tiny piece of platinum wire about two inches in length and diameter like that of a paper pin.
The precious metals are like that – silver, gold, platinum – in the order of increasing value.
Ads on the small screen coax you to go in for necklaces of platinum, embedded with diamonds. The height of affluence, if I may say so. Knowing fully well that a majority of viewers do not possess the power of the purse to acquire such novelties, the ad makers believe that regular viewing of such ads create a desire in the subconscious mind – and, that itself is half the battle won.

To come to Platinum Jubilee celebrations, it is normally held in the 75th year. A ‘Google’ search of ‘Platinum Jubilees 2004’ revealed 12,000 cases of Jubilee celebrations in 2004 out of which most of the sites were devoted to BCCI and cricket. The recently concluded exhibition match between India and Pakistan hogged the limelight. The game has certainly become a crowd puller. It was a real achievement for all Office bearers of BCCI led by the greatest leader of all times – Sri Jagmohan Dalmiya. His efforts to popularize the game put Kerry Packer’s efforts in the back burner. Whoever would have thought that a country like Holland would embrace the game!! Of course, this exhibition match left a certain amount of bitterness in our mouths, which could have been avoided. Cricket has always been a gentleman’s game – however, ever since cricketers started waving their shirts to rejoice a victory, the game has lost some charm. Roping in beauties to offer comments from time to time cannot compensate the loss.

One more Platinum Jubilee celebrations in 2004 is for the famous comic character Popeye – the very depiction of the skinny sailor Popeye becoming a real real strong man just by gulping down a can of spinach was a revolutionary concept in itself. Whenever his darling Olive was in trouble, Popeye would descend on the scene and send her tormentors fleeing. Spinach, as we all know, has tremendous food value – but, children do not like it. So, a character like Popeye was created. It is reported that the consumption of spinach increased by nearly 35% after the Popeye series was released.

Some other notable Platinum Jubilee celebrations of 2004 are those of the Annamalai University, the Indian Railway Administrative Services, the Forest Research Institute, Dehra Dun, the Vivekananda General Hospital, Hoogly and the Siam Beauty Saloon in Nepal.


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