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Wednesday, September 08, 2004

the weight watchers

There is hardly anyone who has not seen or used a weighing machine strategically located at Railway stations, Bus terminuses, cinema halls or large departmental stores. Such machines invariably draw the attention of especially the children who are fascinated by the flashing of lights that endows it with a psychedelic effect! You must have, at some time or the other stood on its platform, waited for the wheel to stop turning, inserted a coin into the designated slot and waited for the machine to deliver a small card with your weight on one side and some forecast on the reverse side. The forecasts would be like ‘today you will meet someone who will mean a lot to you’ or ‘be careful while moving on the road’ or ‘all that glitters is not gold’.
The point to note is that we have always been conscious of weight.
Regular feedbacks allow us to get an indication if things start going wrong! Putting on weight has always been considered an evil practice. Weighty persons are invariably at the receiving end of jokes. Hence, the news of the death of a part time model in New Delhi as a result of Anorexia was, to say the least, shocking. We have heard of starvation deaths. The authorities play superb blaming games on account of such deaths. A standard explanation is that such deaths are not starvation deaths but are deaths due to the victims trying out tastes of new roots, berries and insects found in jungles to identify those that can be considered as alternate foodstuff! But, death due to Anorexia is something new.
In order to maintain slim bodies and participate in Fashion shows or Beauty pageants, girls go to the gym, do aerobics, have steam baths, eat as little as possible and pop weight reducing pills. Ads on TV channels promise to deliver the magic pills at your doorstep. The prime intention behind all such activities is to ensure a generous distribution of womanly assets in right proportions in the right places! No one wants to become a Tuntun; they all want to become pretty Zintas! Those who are unable to make it to the ramp discover enough opportunities to join the dancing brigades of video makers and churn out remixes. A few lucky ones even land minor roles in films.
It is most unfortunate that our slim girls do not have any interest in gymnastics.
It was a pleasure to watch young girls from Russia, USA, Italy, France etc. perform gymnastics at the Olympics. It looked as if they had no bones in their bodies! In this context it may be mentioned that Malkhamb is an art unique to India. Our Malkhamb girls could compete with these gymnasts and show to the world that we also need to be counted. Probably, no one has thought on these lines.
Of course, weight takes on a different meaning in the boxing world. We all know that boxing is a game that runs for a few seconds and is capable of generating millions of dollars. But, how many of us are aware of the fact that there are at least seven categories of boxers? Starting with the light flyweight (48Kgs) it goes on to the heavyweight (81 Kgs). The in-between categories are the flyweight (51 Kgs), bantam weight (54 Kgs), feather weight (57 Kgs), light welter weight (64 Kgs) and middle weight (75 Kgs)!!


  • At 8:02 AM, Blogger anti said…

    Good post Peekayjee. I have three scales at home and I weigh myself each and everytime I walk near them.
    It's become mentally unhealthy to be physically healthy for some people.


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