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Thursday, September 23, 2004

the super struggle

‘Sangram’ translates into ‘struggle’; ‘maha sangram’ therefore can be termed as ‘a super struggle’!

Right from birth, we all struggle. A new born baby struggles first to turn over on its side, and then it graduates to the belly. Next you know, it has promoted itself to crawl, followed by stand and walk. In continuation to all these activities, the child then struggles to climb, to run and then, throughout its life, it struggles to remain standing on its feet!

The salaried individual struggles t\o make both ends meet – the salary he takes home is seldom sufficient to cover all his expenses. He can very well write a treatise on deficit financing. At the other end of the spectrum are those individuals who roll in money and struggle to keep out of the clutches of the IT net. His struggle for survival changes when the political equation does not go in his favor. He has, then, to restart the exercise of acquiring new and useful contacts. In between these two extremes is the BPL category (not to be confused with the MNC giant!) – they struggle to get a meal a day. These poor souls are identified by those in power as ‘below poverty line’ persons. In order to look after their welfare, plenty of money is regularly sanctioned – where that money vanishes is anybody’s guess.

Of course, struggles are depicted in different ways on the silver screen. Here we have make-believe situations where college students are continuously falling in love. To prove their love, they sing and dance in large groups in college corridors, college compounds, road side, and mountainous terrain and so on. The heroine struggles to maintain some sort of decency in exhibiting her physical assets so that the censors are unable to use the scissors. In comparison, the hero struggles to earn several crores of rupees within a few days time to earn the acceptance of the would-be father-in-law. Villains struggle to look more villainous and menacing whilst the comedian struggles to appear more comical.

As age starts telling on the hero, he has to struggle to remain in the limelight and, to do so, he resorts to any number of gimmicks. For instance, pulling the wrong strings so that the hemline of the model billows a-la Monroe style displaying a whole lot of feminine charms!

What then is a ‘maha sangram’?

This is a super struggle to retain power by one group and recapturing it by another. Battle lines are drawn, swords are out. We are all waiting breathlessly for a Kurukshetra to begin. The warriors have already descended on to the warfield and the Generals are busy drawing up strategies. Support groups wait at the periphery – ready to enter the field provided a proper deal is struck. Whilst one flashes a card on religion, another hoists the flag of separation. Addition of one more state means identifying one more set of golden opportunities for all concerned.

Is this what ‘maha sangram’ is all about?


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